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SCM Marketing Solutions has gone through a lot of changes over the summer, one of the most notable would be the new website that was just released in August.

As a digital marketing agency, it is important for us to practice what we preach. We’re constantly telling our clients how important website design, content and search engine optimization is – that is something that we really focused on when creating our new website. This new SCM site has a modern design that showcases what SCM is all about and introduces potential clients to our brand. One of the goals is to demonstrate what SCM Marketing Solutions can do for your company with a custom website design.

Our new website was completely re-designed and all of the information was updated. Some of the features that you can see on the website are a full list of our team members, customer testimonials, a detailed list of our services, and a portfolio featuring some of our past projects.

Be sure to check out our website score tool. Find out how you rank compared to your competition online.


The Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the Internet, and our own Lisa Fox decided to take us down with her when she got nominated. It was a chilly experience, to be sure, but a lot of fun. We’re thrilled to participate and donate to such a worthy cause, and encourage everyone to do the same.

SCM Marketing accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We challenged Massage Envy of Green Bay, Flex Technology Group and Wolfrath’s Curb to take the challenge and donate! Be sure to go to ALSA.ORG to make your donation today.


There are hundreds of different screen sizes and resolutions that people are using to access your website. And your website looks different on each one. Design and development should respond based on screen size, platform, and orientation to show an appealing design and layout. How can you make sure that your site looks good no matter what kind of device the customer is using? The answer is simple –responsive website design.

In the past, website designers needed to create a separate website for each device. Now, a responsive web design uses one URL, single content, one code, and one style sheet to create a website that responds to different devices depending on their size and resolution. The design uses fluid grids and flexible images that adapt to the screen size.

There are many reasons to use a responsive website design, here are SCM Marketing Solutions’ top three:


Developing a website built around a responsive design helps with your search engine optimization efforts in many ways. Responsive design uses one URL for each device, because of this you don’t have to compete with yourself for search engine rankings. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Google loves responsive web design. It’s been proven that its ranking algorithms favor responsive websites. Bounce rates also factor into search engine optimization. Google interprets high bounce rates as irrelevant content, so having users stay on your site for longer helps to increase your ranking.


In the past, website developers would have to create a different website for each size of screen if they wanted their site accessible on more than one device. But with responsive web design, since everything is hosted on one URL, you don’t need to create completely separate websites for each device. This saves designers and developers hours worth of time because they only have to do everything once. Even after the initial launch of the website, updates are usually made over time. These additional updates are less time consuming seeing as they only need to be done once as well. Since they are using less time, they are using less money to create.


Responsive web design makes it more user-friendly and easily accessible on multiple devices. It eliminates the need to zoom in or out to see the content making it easier to navigate the pages of the site. As marketers, we want to provide the best user experience for our customers because it is a direct link to their decision making process. If your content is hard to see or if your website looks sloppy, it instantly decreases your credibility.

responsive website design

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