The SCM team works side by side with you to assist in creating the marketing strategy that fits within your needs. We help you clearly discern between needs and wants – encouraging you to make well informed decisions about investing in your marketing tactics. We will constructively disrupt your thinking and challenge the ways of the past – we believe getting different results requires that you also apply a different approach to your marketing.


“Strategy can be defined as a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty

Our team at SCM has years of accumulated experience helping businesses of all sizes across many different industries. We are driven, innovative and results oriented. We will take pride in walking in lockstep with you – leveraging our experience and time tested processes to maximize the business benefits from a well defined marketing strategy.


SCM believes that solving business problems requires focus on three primary vectors.


We also believe these vectors should be considered in that exact order. Many times marketers get enamoured with technology and falsely begin to project the technology as the solution. We believe it’s the people and process that make the difference in the success of business solutions and once the first two are aligned the choice of technology is more easily fulfilled.

The pro senses the challenge ahead, swiftly pulls out the right tool, and elegantly puts it to work. That’s how high-impact leaders operate and why they produce results.

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