Benefits of Online Citations to Visibility and SEO

Why Citations are Important

Online citations are a tremendous benefit your company because getting listed improves the likelihood that your customers are able to find your business when they are searching for specific services and products. In simple terms, a citation in the online world refers to any time your company information is listed on a website. These include listings such as local directories, such as,, and It helps to be listed in multiple directories that are both more general in nature and tailored specifically to your company’s niche. Citations are also apart of Google’s algorithm for SEO, so if it’s important for Google, then it’s important for SEO. Here are some of the possibilities:

Any online exposure for your company will bring attention to your products and services, which obviously benefit you. These citations expand your exposure to potential customers that may have previously passed you by and help you connect with these potential buyers.

In addition, a citation is most effective when it is accompanied by as much information about your business as possible. Be sure to include your hours of operations, pictures, videos, details about your products and services, and any other helpful information you think your potential customers would like to have.

Citations are critical for SEO today.  Google and other search engines use online citations to rank your business with the more citations you have, the higher your website will list in the search results. Higher ranking means more web traffic and more business for you. If your business needs help with or doesn’t know the full impact of citations, give us a call us today.

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